Now on Display: Metamorphosis in Action

MonarchButterflyEarlier this summer, gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts were treated to a talk by Tom Landis at the library about the propagation of milkweed and steps the average gardener can take to restore the population of monarch butterflies to Southern Oregon. Now, visitors to the library can see the miracle of metamorphosis in action right at the front desk!

As of Wednesday afternoon, nearly three dozen monarch caterpillars, provided by Vicki Mion, have taken up residence in special habitats as part of a display that is open to the public during normal library hours. Visitors are encouraged to visit the library and view the display over the next two weeks for a rare and educational glimpse into the life of caterpillars and butterflies as they transform into and hatch from their chrysalises.

The period of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly normally lasts between ten and fifteen days. Once the butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises, they will be released DSCN3296into the library’s gardens. After the butterflies are released, they will likely either lay eggs or migrate south to warmer climates. 

Please view the links and attachments below for more information on these unique and beautiful insects, or contact Vicki Mion at 

Attachments and Links:

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