New Meet the Author Program Starts October 21st: Featuring Local Author Annie Hale!

FairlaneFriends of the Library will host an Open House on Wednesday, October 21st, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., at the Library Annex. Local author, Annie Hale, will read from and discuss her recent book, Fairlane.


Raydean Louise Turner (“Deannie”) is a housewife suspected of murdering her husband in cold blood. She’s on the run in his coveted 1957 Ford Fairlane after shooting him in the rear end with bird shot, on account of his slapping her for burning his eggs. Last she knew, birdshot in the butt was not fatal! Arrested by Officer Todd McClaine, Deannie finds herself face to face with a dangerously attractive motorcycle cop. Will he risk his upcoming promotion to detective by getting personally involved? Sparks fly, passion sizzles, and imminent danger lurks behind every corner. What does the mob, an international trucking firm, and a sweat shop in Nogales, Mexico, all have in common? That is just what Deannie and McClain want to find out. 


248 pages – $14.99 (paperback)


Copies of Fairlane will be available for sale and signing.