District Governance Policy

Chetco Community Public Library District Governance Policy


Name: The name of this body shall be the Board of Directors of the Chetco Community Public Library District, hereafter called the Board.

Purpose and Function: The Board shall govern the Chetco Community Public Library in conformance with Oregon state law concerning libraries, ORS Chapter 357, and strive to serve the needs of the community as a center for informational, educational and recreational materials and programs.

Membership: There shall be five members of the Board elected by the voters of the district. Directors shall serve four year terms. Terms shall be staggered so that not all Board members start their terms at the same time. Unexpired terms or vacancies may be filled by appointment by the Board chairman, subject to confirmation by the remaining Board members.

Attendance: A Board member who for health or other reasons must miss three consecutive meeting must so notify the chairman, giving reasons for the absence that are acceptable to the Board. If no such notice is given, or if the absence must continue, the member shall be replaced unless the other four Board members are in agreement that the regulation in this instance should be waived.

Meetings: Regular meetings of the Board shall be held monthly on a regularly scheduled day. Three members shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings may be called by the chairman when necessary, or upon request of the three members. As provided by law, all meetings will be announced in the media, and will be open to the public.

The board may cancel or reschedule meetings as it deems fit, subject to proper notification.

The regular meeting in November shall be designated as the annual meeting, at which time officers shall be elected. They shall assume office at the December meeting.

According to ORS 294.336, meetings of the budget committee, composed of five appointed members from the community, serving three year staggered terms, plus the Board members, shall meet as required for approving the budget provided by the Board.

Officers and Duties: The officers chosen at the annual meeting shall be as follows: chair, vice-chair, and treasurer. The office of secretary of the Board is by law the library director (ORS 357.470). No office shall be held by the same Board members for two consecutive one year terms, except by unanimous consent of the members to suspend the regulation for the coming year.

The chair shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, call special meetings, and with the assent of the Board members, apportion among them special responsibilities, such as Building and Grounds, Personnel, Evaluation of the Library Collection, Future Growth and Development, or others that may be appropriate.

The vice-chair shall assume the duties of the chair in his/her absence.

The secretary shall keep an accurate account of all proceedings of the board meetings and provide copies of the minutes for all Board members one week before the following meeting. The secretary shall notify Board members of all special meetings and arrange for public notice as required. The secretary shall be the primary custodian of all Board proceedings and records.

The treasurer shall receive and disperse funds in accordance with the Oregon State Statutes and within the limits of the Chetco Community Public Library District budget. Expenditures shall be paid by check signed by two authorized Board members. The treasurer shall report monthly on the status of the library’s financial condition.

Responsibilities: The Board shall formulate and interpret distric policies, reserving to itself all authority and responsibility not directly assigned to the Library Director and other personnel.

The Board shall approve the annual budget and monitor district finances, taking action to ensure the fiscal integrity of the district.

The Board shall develop and approve the long-range plan of growth and development for the district.

The Board shall approve all contracts binding to the district.

The Board shall arrange for legal representation and consultation as needed.

The Board shall hire the library director and recognize that the library director should have full administrative authority to manage daily operations consistent with district policies and procedures.

The Board shall approve the form and amount of employee compensation, that is, salaries, bonuses, vacation, travel, etc.

The Board shall make decisions based on the wishes and needs of the public and place the needs of the public above the ambitions of the Board or the district.

Limitations on Individual Board Members: Board members have no individual powers separate from the powers of the Board and have no authority to act individually without authorization from the Board. Likewise, no individual Board member may speak for or on behalf of the Board or district, except as authorized to do so by the board.

Conflict of Interest: No member of the Board shall have any financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any contract to which the district is party, nor receive a salary or any payment for material or for services rendered to the district.

Amendments: The Governance Policy may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Board by vote of a quorum.

Adopted: February 1, 2002

Revised: November 2014