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Online journals, articles, magazines, newspapers, reference materials and more! Anyone with a library card can use our online database services. Access to most of these resources is easy—simply have your library card ready to log in.  

How to Access a Database:

1. Click on the database you would like to search. A new screen will appear requesting a password.

2. Enter the number on the back of your library card (no spaces) to log in.

Your library provides you with access to thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers. Our online resources are sorted by topic below.

Need help finding an article? Visit our reference desk or email our reference librarian for search tips, tutorials, and more!

Attention Students!

Don’t forget, the library has online resources for every age group. Check out our Kids & Teens page for databases that offer grade-level and age-specific articles, videos, and photo galleries.

Newspapers and Magazines

Gale InfoTrac Newsstand          Gale Popular Magazines

General Topics and Reference

Gale General OneFile          Gale Virtual Reference Library          Gale Informe!          Gale Academic OneFile


Gale Small Business Resource Center          Gale Business & Company Resource Center          Gale General Business File ASAP          Gale Business Econommics & Theory Collection


Gale Health & Wellness Resource Center          Gale Health Reference Center Academic          Gale Nursing Resource Center          Gale Nursing & Allied Health Collection

Gale Psychology Collection

Special Topics

Gale Agriculture Collection          Gale Communication & Mass Media Collection          Gale Computer Database          Gale Criminal Justice Collection

Gale Culinary Arts Collection          Gale Educator's Reference Complete          Gale Environmental Studies and Policy Collection          Gale Fine Arts & Music Collection

Gale Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Collection          Gale GREENR          Gale Home Improvement Collection          Gale Hospitality, Tourism, & Leisure Collection

Gale LegalTrac